Do violent video games really make people violent?

I had acquired a copy of GTA V, thanks to my dad who knows I’m mature enough to hold my own and not take drugs, drink, steal cars, rob banks, go to strip clubs or work for the Feds even though I’m a white collar criminal (spoiler alert)

But, I had read, or seen a Youtube video or something about a small child in the United States who had played GTA IV, and had decided to take his mother’s car for a spin. This kid was like nine, or ten or something along the lines of that, not of sufficient maturity of course. I think, violent video games do in fact have an effect on younger audiences, such as under the age of twelve, because their mind hasn’t developed as much, and they’re prone to external influences such as peer pressure, and doing what they see. So if they see violence in video games, they may think it’s okay.


Of course, you get slurred online by twelve year olds now, with them constantly referring to my mother as a focal point for their humor.

Albeit there was that one guy who shot people in Norway, I think it was because of his kill/death ratio on Call of Duty, but he had an apparent mental problem.

Of course minimizing time on the video game is essential, as well.

But in the Huffington post, it refers to the violent video games possibly acting as a numbing agent towards real violence in the real world, which is true for me at least. My grandparents are rather horrified if there’s a shooting, while I’m completely numb or, in some instances shrug it off as common, which it is, worldwide unfortunately, with shootings in the Middle East and whatnot. Which is another topic entirely.

I personally do not thing video games make people violent, there are several other factors such as their mental health, the way they were brought up, the amount of time spent on the video game and whether or not the subject has emotional problems as well.


That’s my opinion, anyway.



Scientists Demonstrate First-Person Shooter Games Improve Vision



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